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Events 2023

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Join the RescYOU group for our second annual RescYOU Fest on November 11th, 2023. The RescYOU Group is a 501c3 non-profit that was founded in 2021 by Justin and Reecie Gilmore. In its first two years of service, TRG has assisted over 200 Acadiana families who suffered the loss of a child. We have also supported 66 families who have suffered child loss in past years.  We are able to provide financial aid for burial expenses, free grief
counseling, support groups, and sibling grief support to the families we serve. The RescYOU group is the only non-profit in Acadiana that offers combined services and resources to support bereaved families of school-aged child loss.


At this event, sponsors and guests will be able to celebrate and honor the precious lives we have lost throughout our community. This event will include a cook-off, drinks, face painting, a scavenger hunt, children's games, live entertainment, and our, children memorial booths. Each memorial booth will have a game set up with a prize for each player and will be decorated and themed according to the child's personality. Whether the child loved sports, dancing, exploring, animals, or cowboys, each booth will allow you to get to know more about them while celebrating the legacy they left behind. Although this day can be a reminder of how many lives have been taken too soon, we like to think of it as more of a celebration of life and a platform of remembrance. A celebration to honor and remember, a celebration to appreciate our community, and a celebration that reminds you, you are not alone. All proceeds from The RescYOU Fest will go directly to benefiting families in Acadiana

Buy your tickets now!  Early bird pricing through October 11th!

Please consider becoming a RescYOU Fest Sponsor! 

Click on the sponsor ship packet below to view.

Want to help a family fund their booth?


All family booths are funded with individual fundraisers.  You can help by donating to a particular family or to a family of our choosing.

Click below to enter your cookoff team!

(Registration deadline - 10/27/23)

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