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The RescYOU Group Resources

The RescYOU Guide

The RescYOU Guide is an informational manual on what to do at the time of loss, and the days, weeks, and months following a loss.  If you did not obtain one from the hospital or funeral home, you may download a copy here.  If you would rather a hard copy, please contact The RescYOU Group.

Helpful Hints For Family and Friends

At the time of loss, family and friends want to be there to support the grieving family.  However, the questions "what do I do?," or "how do I help?" and "what do I say?" are common.  Sometimes family and friends, albeit well intended, will say or do the wrong thing(s).  This list of tips will provide some guidance to family and friends.

Door Sign

During the first few days after a loss, a flurry of visitors can be expected.  Everyone wants to "check on you" to make sure you are "ok."  During this time, you may want to limit visits from family, friends, and neighbors.  This sign (or one you create) can be helpful.  It's a kind way to let visitors know that you wish to be left alone.

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