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The RescYOU Group Programs

RescYOU Navigator Program

This program pairs a newly grieving family to an on-call Navigator that will act as an emotional compass and guide the family on what to do next. Our trained RescYOU Navigators are all bereaved families. 

Child Life Services

The RescYOU Group has on staff, a certified child life specialist that can provide emotional support to siblings, friends, classmates, and teammates.  Provides immediate (day or days following) sibling support, education, preparation, and distraction throughout sibling's end of life services.  Provides keepsakes, when applicable; i.e. handprints, footprints, hair lockets, and heartbeat recordings.  Provides end of life services for pediatric hospice patients or known impending bereavement. Provides parental support for how to care for children throughout the bereavement process.

Free Grief Counseling

The RescYOU Group is proud to partner with Acadiana Loss and Transition Center. We will offer twelve months of free counseling from the time the family begins their first session. This does not start from the day of loss but will start (regardless of how long ago the loss was) from the first day of the scheduled session.

Family Outreach Mentor Program

We will assign a mentor according to the family’s specific loss. This will be peer to peer support.

RescYOU Guide Resource Folders

These folders will be distributed to hospitals, funeral homes, pediatricians, schools, first responders, daycares, counselors, churches, and various other affiliations to help guide a family in need. 

Support Groups

Weekly and monthly meetings will be held by our trained grief facilitators.

24/7 Grief Support Hotline

We will have someone available 24/7, via phone, who can assist families at their time of loss or to provide emotional support during their grief journey.

Prevention Initiatives and Workshops

The RescYOU Group will promote community awareness of child safety and injury prevention.

Financial Assistance

The RescYOU Group will provide financial assistance for end of life expenses.  This will be paid directly to funeral homes, granite / va​ult companies, for burial plots, or for medical bills associated with the child’s death.

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