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Shannon Leger

Family Services Manager

Shannon Leger is a mother of three children - Isabella, Isaiah, and Sofia. In 2016, her son Isaiah passed away at the young age of six, igniting a passion within Shannon to help the bereaved in her community. Since then, Shannon has been leading Griefshare and training others to lead as well at The Vineyard Church in Lafayette, LA. She co-founded Acadiana Grieving Moms with Hope, a private Facebook page for bereaved moms.


Originally from Arizona, Shannon moved to Georgia where she attended school for Entertainment Technology and served as Vice President of the ENT Counsel in Marietta, GA. With nearly two decades of experience directing live video for local churches, Shannon is a seasoned professional in her field. In addition, she is a licensed life insurance agent who advocates for families in the planning of end-of-life expenses for senior citizens. She also works with funeral homes to help families understand all the components of final expenses.


Shannon has lived in Acadiana for almost 14 years and is deeply committed to The RescYOU Group's mission. She is dedicated to spreading community awareness for the bereaved and is excited about the group's child safety awareness mission. Shannon is on a mission to help stop preventable child loss and is determined to see the number of such losses decrease in Acadiana.

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